Effective marketing can sort the difference between success and failure for an asset. It’s essential to have a fundamental, yet evolving marketing strategy that will ensure clients’ assets flourish and all objectives are achieved according to schedule. Dunlap & Magee takes into consideration the digital transformation the industry has gone through, sticking to some of the traditional property management marketing strategies while incorporating more innovative and out-of-the box ideas unique to the firm. Dunlap & Magee values maintaining ever-present and long-lasting relationships with its’ audience. Understanding who your customer(s) is and ensuring engagement is the heart of any successful business; this is especially true in the real estate industry. Dunlap & Magee’s savvy ability to build a multitude of relationships simultaneously is simply impressive. These relationships are not limited to just clients, applicants and potential residents, but extend vastly to include visiting guests, team members, vendors, employers, neighborhood associations, regulatory officials and all of those residing and working in the community at large.

Dunlap & Magee’s collectively diverse knowledge of the Arizona market is an unmatched advantage. Its only with a company whose historical and operational detail has been passed through the ranks for more than forty years that you would find the expertise this organization can flaunt. Together, the current leadership team holds over seventy-five years of asset management experience. 

Dunlap & Magee can proudly boast its’ talent for stretching marketing dollars thanks to uniquely refined grass-roots efforts; constructing the kind-of awareness that generates revenue, while working to spend as little as possible. The resourceful development, customized nature and constant innovation of key marketing mechanisms keeps Dunlap & Magee current, competitive and cost conscientious. Wether it be upon request in order to purchase, assignment of leasing goals and/or long term stabilization of an asset, Dunlap & Magee has collected and maintained the  resources necessary to employ techniques that generate advantageous results. Preparation of creative marketing plans, detailed comparative market studies, comprehensive investment forecasts and precise traffic tracking reports are just a few of the tools Dunlap & Magee offers.