Dunlap & Magee is a full service real estate firm, seasoned with over 40 years of experience, specializing in the management of conventional and affordable multi-family communities and commercial buildings in Phoenix and the surrounding areas. Officially recognized with the much sought after Accredited Management Organization (AMO) designated by the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM), Dunlap & Magee possesses impressive credentials in the areas of experience and education, financial and risk management, service excellence and ethical conduct. Established in 1976, the company has been able to build and sustain an unparalleled reputation, being well recognized for its' ability to successfully operate and often reposition properties to thrive. Dunlap & Magee has the expertise, systems and talented teams readily available to swiftly drive the prosperous future of any investment. Let Dunlap & Magee create a remarkable experience for you !


A solid property management company will have well-documented policies and procedures that are easy to understand and regularly updated. Working with clients auspiciously for 40+ years, Dunlap & Magee has mastered those fine skill sets that optimize office organization, maintenance and marketing tasks and all other operational activities. Within these policies and procedures, coupled with proper implementation, are some of the firm’s most well-kept secrets. Through the persistent dedication to devote the appropriate time and energy into creating, then routinely amending, robust property management policies and procedures, Dunlap & Magee has been able to quickly analyze information and limit exposure, especially in the areas of scalability, customer service and risk mitigation.


Often in real estate, especially with technical advances, it’s easy to look strictly at the bottom line and commonly overlooked is that tried-and-true aspect of customer service. The importance of customer service in any industry should never be second guessed, and real estate is unquestionably a customer service industry. The way in which communication occurs will ultimately determine long-term success. The firm’s motto is to create a remarkable experience, for every person, every time, which represents what the company stands for, why it exists, and clearly states how all of the team’s members can play a part in the vision


Executing with diligence Generally Accepted Accounting Practices (GAAP) and segregating duties within the firm to ensure that no single employee has complete control over an entire process, provides an internal check-and-balance on all tasks to help prevent errors and fraud. The accounting department is extremely auditor friendly, and to further serve valued clients, the Chief Financial Officer is a Certified Public Accountant.


Dunlap & Magee employs state-of-the-art financial information systems such as YARDI. These systems detail property performance while protecting owners’ assets with proven accounting controls. Live tracking of daily operational activity is easily accessible and all reporting is hardy. Using many of these full-featured systems, the firm can accommodate client’s custom requests and allow for streamlining opportunities.


Accepting civic responsibility and taking an active interest in the well-being of the communities in which Dunlap & Magee serves has gained the firm a number of ever-lasting benefits in terms of community support, loyalty and the fostering of good will. Dunlap & Magee’s sound, comprehensive community relations has helped achieve visibility as a commendable community citizen. Collaborating with thousands of partners since 1976, the organization has a never-ending index of resources.

For your project management needs, Dunlap & Magee can bring together, like no one else does, a highly potent partnership of enterprising spirit, local long-term expertise and trust, built over decades of remarkable performance with a large team of professionals possessing a wide range of experience.

Affordable housing compliance is ever-changing and these countless programs often present many one-of-a-kind obstacles to overcome. Being precise to ensure monitoring agency compliance, yet speedy to remain cost effective is a fine balance Dunlap & Magee has perfected. The firm’s compliance officers are seasoned veterans with over 45+ years of combined accomplishments providing peace of mind for clients, residents and monitoring agencies.

Dunlap & Magee understands that the purchase of real estate, especially multi-family and/or commercial property, is a momentous decision that requires the client’s confidence and the brokerage’s genuine passion. Right at the side of their client Dunlap & Magee walks confidently into every part of the buying or selling process. It is of top priority to set all clients up for success by empowering them with the right information, honoring their preferences and valuing their time.