The philosophy is simple... create remarkable experiences, every person, every time.
Established in 1976, the firm is consistently well-recognized for its' steadfast commitment to excellence, successfully managing a variety of assets, projects and real estate transactions throughout the last 40+ years in business. Dunlap & Magee's undeniable ability to build strong, safe and sustainable communities that remain profitable and attractive is unparalleled. This is a direct product of the significant effort placed on creating extraordinary relationships and the establishment of deep roots within each of the communities served.


Dunlap & Magee takes great pride in the variability of its portfolio. Successfully managing both conventional and affordable properties sets the firm apart from the crowd. In a time of increasing specialization, Dunlap & Magee’s multiplicity strengthens their position in the marketplace by being able to provide a wide range of knowledge and expertise to their clients, including:


Dunlap & Magee is dynamic in the flexibility of its reporting systems. The mixture of the company’s portfolio demonstrates Dunlap & Magee has the ability to tailor its reporting formats to suit the requirements of each client. Dunlap & Magee works with sophisticated, state of the art rent collection and reporting software that brings new capabilities to everyday tasks.


Dunlap & Magee's key personnel are actively involved in industry professional associations and are continually informed of compliance updates and issues as they relate to multifamily housing. Engaging employee training is effective in keeping employees aware of and acting in accordance with ever-changing governmental regulations and requirements. Dunlap & Magee has partnerships with cutting edge compliance focused organizations and resources, along with maintaining a skilled and knowledgeable in-house compliance team.


Taking great pride in the diversity of its‘ portfolio and workforce, the firm continually seeks out new ways to evolve and remain innovative. Producing fresh ideas and employing unconventional thinking to generate eminence is top priority. With a focus on recruiting and cultivating talent through many distinctive measures, the company’s team members are savvy while continually being motivated to seek out opportunities for professional growth.


Dunlap & Magee has developed valuable tools that enable personnel to meet clients’ devising, creative and decisive methods for marketing, community outreach, inventory controls, property and preventative maintenance, recordkeeping and reporting, resident retention, inclusion and education, including programs that assist the younger generations of professionals to prepare for a brighter future. We have taken this same creative and insightful approach to facilitating various internal educational methods for ongoing training of site staff. The use of these tools, and those yet to come, result in optimum property performance, improved budgeting and expense processes and pristine property care and visual appeal.


  • Proactive Management
  • Skilled Team Members Committed to Leadership by Example Through Service
  • Advanced In-House Educational Format
  • Respected Public Image
  • Highest Moral and Ethical Standards
  • Proven Track Record Indicating Plentiful Accomplishments
  • Expert Familiarity of the Arizona and Closely Surrounding Markets
  • Extremely Proficient Risk Management and Compliance Processes
  • Routine Quality Assurance Audits
  • Production and Oversight of Capital Improvement Plans
  • 24-hour Direct Access to Executive Team and On-Site Staff for Emergencies