Dunlap & Magee takes great pride in the diversity of its portfolio. Successfully managing both conventional and affordable properties sets Dunlap & Magee apart from the crowd. In a time of increasing specialization, our diversity strengthens our position in the marketplace by being able to provide a wide range of knowledge and expertise to our clients, including:

Construction Management
Lease ups
Supportive Services
Neighborhood Network Centers
Program Compliance
Modernization Management


Dunlap & Magee is dynamic in the flexibility of its reporting systems. The diversity of our portfolio shows Dunlap & Magee has the ability to tailor its reporting formats to suit the requirements of each client. Dunlap & Magee works with sophisticated rent collection and reporting software that is state of the art.


Dunlap & Magee has developed valuable tools that enable personnel to meet clients’ objectives for their properties. These tools include marketing plans, community outreach, resident retention programs, inventory controls, and streamlined reporting requirements. Ongoing training of site staff ensures consistency in the use of these tools and results in optimum property performance.


Dunlap & Magee's key personnel are actively involved in industry professional associations and are continually updated with information regarding compliance issues as they relate to multifamily housing. Regular employee training is effective in keeping employees aware of and in compliance with changing governmental regulations and requirements. Dunlap & Magee’s in-house compliance department assures consistent program compliance. Our trained compliance officers review all applicant documents and complete regular on-site audits.