Inventory Control

Dunlap & Magee utilizes a maintenance supply inventory system with each maintenance shop organized and set up on a tracking system at no additional cost to our clients.

This system tracks every maintenance part used at your community. The inventory system provides a master inventory list, stock supply, assigned part stock numbers, detailed history of every part used, where the part was installed and the expense. This inventory tracking allows staff to order parts only once per month to restock supply. Our maintenance supply inventory system allows internal tracking of cost per unit for turnover and produces the most accurate expense budgets. An audit of parts used and stock on hand is completed every two weeks by the site manager to assure compliance.

Quarterly the regional supervisor audits all usage logs and stock against work orders and purchasing to assure accuracy. Additionally, each quarter the corporate staff will call 20% of residents with completed work orders. This work order audit assures quality, response time, customer service and part installation.

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